Rust is now included in -current

Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Clemons for providing rust SlackBuild, rust is now included in Slackware-Current along with cargo and for that reason, firefox is now following the latest release from Mozilla which is at 55.x instead of staying with 52.xESR release.

Slackware-Current also bumped several other packages, including:
  • kdelibs: Upgraded to 4.14.35
  • gnutls: Upgraded to 3.6.0
  • sudo: Upgraded to 1.8.21
  • cups-filters: Upgraded to 1.7.0
  • kernels: Upgraded to 4.9.45
  • gtk+3: Upgraded to 3.22.19
  • harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.5.0
  • whois: Upgraded to 5.2.18
  • libdrm: Upgraded to 2.4.83
  • mesa: Upgraded to 17.1.7
  • dialog: Upgraded to 1.3_20170509
  • libedit: Upgraded to 20170329
One of my wishlist is now added into -current. Waiting for next entries gets removed :)

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