What Happened in 10 Days of Development?

My last post was about 11 days ago when we were talking about security update for kdelibs and freetype. Since then, -current is still progressing but i didn't write anything for the past 10 days. So, what happened in the past 10 days?

First, we have a new kernel. It jumped 2 minor releases to 4.9.30, the latest LTS release from 4.9.x branch, maintained by Greg K-H. Next we have mesa upgraded to 17.1.1 along with enabled Vulkan drivers for Intel and Radeon, thanks to a new package vulkan-sdk.

alsa-lib and alsa-plugins are now upgraded to 1.1.4, bringing many updates to the sound stack. ffmpeg also received it's first minor release, 3.3.1 fixing tons of bugs. We also see many updated packages:
  • aaa_terminfo: Upgraded to 6.0
  • bash: Upgraded to 4.4.012
  • ccache: Upgraded to 3.3.4
  • gkrellm: Upgraded to 2.3.10 
  • mozilla-firefox: Upgraded to 52.1.2esr
  • nano: Upgraded to 2.8.4 
  • NetworkManager: Upgraded to 1.8.0
  • newt: Upgraded to 0.52.20 
  • pango: Upgraded to 1.40.6
  • samba: Upgraded to 4.6.4 (security update)
  • slang: Upgraded to 2.3.1a
  • sqlite: Upgraded to 3.19.0
  • tcl/tk: Upgraded to 8.6.6
  • vim: Upgraded to 8.0.0600
  • xfce4-terminal: Upgraded to

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