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Continuous Updates

Slackware-Current keeps rolling new updates to the public and there has been almost three dozens of package updates (including a rebuilt) plus 2 security updates.

Major highlights are:
ruby: Upgraded to 2.4.1cmake: Upgraded to 3.7.2samba: Upgraded to 4.6.1dbus: Upgraded to 1.10.16file: Upgraded to 5.30pciutils: Upgraded to 3.5.4gstreamer and gst-plugins-*: Upgraded to 1.10.4libpng: Upgraded to 1.6.29libusb: Upgraded to 1.0.21zlib: Upgraded to 1.2.11dejavu-fonts: Upgraded to 2.37Thunar: Upgraded to 1.6.11e2fsprogs: Upgraded to 1.43.4mkinitrd: Upgraded to 1.4.9udisks2: Upgraded to 2.1.8gnutls: Upgraded to 3.5.10mesa: Upgraded to 17.0.2xf86-video-ati: Upgraded to 7.9.0 Samba 4.6 is a major upgrade so please read the release announcement for more information.

New mkinitrd now support FSTRIM on LUKS devices unlocked at boot, but there's a change in the expected device name. Please see the revised README.

SDL2 goes into current

This evening, i accidentally check Slackware's changelog and i saw that SDL2 is now added into Slackware-Current along with other components (image, net, gfx, mixer, and ttf). ffmpeg is also rebuilt and now has ffplay since all the deps have been met (SDL2).

SDL2 is being used by many other projects. Running my dependency-checking script on SBo repository yields a lot of results:

Slackware with Kaby Lake Hardware

Last week, i just bought a new laptop equipped with the latest Intel processor i5 7200U 7th Gen aka Kaby Lake. It's quite a nice laptop. I added 256 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM (total 20 GB) on top of 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of HDD and GeForce 940 MX. This is my first experience with SSD and also UEFI-based system.

First thing i did was checking the BIOS setting whether it has secure boot feature or not. Turns out it has and it was enabled by default. Since i didn't know how to disable it at that moment, i installed Windows 10 with secure boot turned on (my first mistake). Turns out, you can easily disable secure boot by setting administrator's password. Secure boot can be disabled and you can turn off the administrator's password once again if you don't need it. Most Linux will not work with Secure Boot enabled. Make sure to disable Secure Boot before installing any Linux OS.

During Windows installation, i pick the default UEFI layout (my second mistake). Although UEFI offers …

MATE 1.18 Released

Turns out just 24 hours after i posted about MATE 1.18 preparations, upstream developers have finally announced the final version of MATE 1.18. This release has reached an interesting milestone, which is to migrate all MATE components to GTK+3, leaving GTK+2 code base which is no longer updated and have many limitations. Along with this transition, many deprecated components are also being migrated to the new technologies.

Upstream developers have generously supported GTK+3-3.14.x, which is still used by RHEL and Slackware 14.2 as their minimum supported version of GTK+3. They do support all newer GTK+3, up to GTK+3-3.22.x. Since GTK+4 is still far away and it will be co-installable with previous GTK+3, upstream developers will have more time to fix many things with GTK+3 before starts struggling with new GTK+4 in the future.

MATE 1.18 have also started to provide support for libinput for mouse and touchpad. Since -current has included libinput, it will have better support on handling…

MATE 1.18 Preparation

As MATE 1.18 release is getting closer, it's a good idea to have all the development changes merged into master so that users can easily build and test the latest snapshots. That's the reason why i just merged all the changes in the 1.17-prep branch into master branch. That branch previously contains all the changes for next MATE 1.18 release.

In short, there are some changes in the upcoming MATE 1.18 release:
- 6 new packages added: gtksourceview3, glade, libunique3, libpeas, mate-calc, and caja-actions
- 3 packages removed: galculator, gtksourceview, pygtksourceview
- It's all GTK+3 build, no more GTK+2/3 mix build
- HELP files are now provided, but yelp will not be included. Users might want to install yelp via SBo project or via testing directory.

While the developers haven't decided the final schedule, but i believe it should be this March as they are targeting for next Ubuntu-mate release: 17.04.

I have been using this development snapshot for some time and i did…

Security Update: Firefox and Thunderbird

Two regular security updates were released in March:
Firefox: Upgraded to 45.8.0 for Slackware 14.1 and 14.2 and 52.0 for currentThunderbird: Upgraded to 45.8.0 for Slackware 14 and newer Firefox in current is now rebuilt with ALSA support, just in case PA is missing or removed (some people still can't move on from PA history). A bunch of xf86-video packages are now being restored after the latest update is now compatible with xorg-server 1.19.2. FFmpeg bug a little bump and updated the autodetected optional dependency support and we have more bumping in kmod, binutils, coreutils, harfbuzz, libepoxy, libinput, motif, gimp, network-manager-applet, and last but not least, mesa.

MESA 17.0.1 has entered Slackware Current even though it was just released last week and 17.0 was released about a month ago. It's a big win for users with modern hardware.

security update: shadow, util-linux, and curl

February ended with an update from Patrick and it includes several security updates in -current tree only
shadow: Rebuilt to fix potential issue with PAM-based systemutil-linux: Rebuilt to fix potential issue with PAM-based systemcurl: Upgraded to 7.53.1 There weren't many interesting updates in last week's update:
coreutils: Added more file extensionsed: Upgraded to 1.14.2etc: Rebuilt to add new cgred grouplibcgroup: Rebuilt to fix rc.cgrednano: Upgraded to 2.7.5screen: Upgraded to 4.5.1guile: Upgrade to 2.0.14cairo: Upgraded to 1.14.8fftw: Upgraded to 3.3.6_pl1libimobiledevice: Rebuilt to support iOS 10 deviceslibsigservd: Upgraded to 2.11ModemManager: Upgraded to 1.6.4NetworkManager: Upgraded to 1.6.2libmbim: Upgraded to 1.14.0libqmi: Upgraded to 1.16.2windowmaker: Rebuilt to disable overly verbose logging messages I'm looking forward to see GTK+3 stack updated so i can finally test latest MATE Themes. Hopefully that won't took too long :)