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Security Update: kernel, gnupg, libgcrypt

It's not a common thing for Slackware security team to release a new kernel for stable release, but since it has a huge impact and it affected the default kernel used by Slackware 14.2 (and current), Patrick has decided to bump the kernels in the stable and current to the latest version (still in LTS branch) that already got it fixed along with libgcrypt and gnupg security issues that were published last week. It's advised to apply the patches as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

In current branch, there are more fixes:
glibc: rebuilt to fix symlink problemdiffutils: Upgraded to 3.5linuxdoc-tools: Upgraded to 0.9.72screen: Rebuilt to fix configuration issuebinutils: Rebuilt to add more options. This fix build failure with some other packages (eg. google-go-lang in SBo).glib2: Add upstream patch to fix libgio issuenetwork-scripts: Rebuilt to speed up boot time slightlystunnel: Rebuilt to fix incorrect config file namefirefox: Upgraded to 48.0.1

New Toolchain on Current

Patrick is now upgrading basic toolchain in current branch. The basic trio combination (GCC, GLIBC, and Kernel) are normally the first one to update since it will be used as a base for next Slackware release.

GCC is now upgraded to 5.4.0, which is the latest version for 5.x branch. Their latest version is at 6.1 while their development version is at 7.0.

Linux kernel is now at 4.4.17 which is still based on the latest LTS release. The latest Linux kernel release is now at 4.7.

The default GNU C Library is now using 2.24. As always, every glibc release have a long list of bug fixes and some security fixes as well.

Besides the toolchain, there are some other packages that were upgraded in the same batch:
diffutil: Upgraded to 3.4vim/vim-gvim: Upgraded to 7.4.2196lvm: Upgraded to 3.8.1oprofile: Upgraded to 1.1.0firefox: Upgraded to 48.0

Security Update: openssh, stunnel, firefox, curl

Four security updates were released this morning for following packages:
firefox: Upgraded to 45.3.0esr in Slackware 14.1, 14.2, and currentstunnel: Upgraded to 5.35 in Slackware 13.0 and newercurl: Upgraded to 7.50.1 in Slackware 13.0 and neweropenssh: Upgraded to 7.3p1 in Slackware 13.0 and newer In current, there aren't any big changes except for some minor update:
mutt: Upgraded to 1.6.2

Experimenting with Mint-Y-Theme and Icons

Today i added mint-y-theme and mint-y-icons to my CSB project to give more variations to the themes available for Cinnamon desktop as provided in Linux Mint 18 and i must say, i'm impressed with it. It looks stunning, colorful, and really gives you a new impression of Cinnamon desktop.

Mint-Y is based on Arc theme and it has 3 default themes: Mint-Y, Mint-Y-Dark, and Mint-Y-Darker. Below are some screenshot from the default Mint-Y running on Cinnamon Desktop.

The icons are now refreshed with more vibrant colors and also flatten just like what latest iOS and Android did. Number of icons are quite large so you can expect many popular applications will already have it's icon provided so that it will have a consistent icons throughout all apps installed.

As a bonus, i tried to switch to MATE and voila, it was detected as well and it works well on MATE. Here's a screenshot of running Mint-Y-Dark theme. There was a simple glitch on the preview, but it wasn't major issue.